Be Careful Anything Can Happen

th6JKGA962It is commonly understood that trees and shrubs must be trimmed and cut. The benefits of doing both is numerous. Like many of us out there I consider myself a do it yourself officiando. However, some many things can and will go wrong if amateurs do tree cutting. Not just to the tree or shrub itself. Yes, inexperience trimming and cutting can lead to weakness of the branches, stripping of nutrients, and in some cases death to the tree or shrub. What we do not always think about is the person performing the tree cutting. What can and often times happens to him when he does not have the experience and credentials to do such as task.

The next you feel that calling a tree service company is not warranted and you want to do it yourself consider the different accidents that have happen to experience professionals. Then consider how likely your inexperience self with avoid a similar fate. I am just saying.

It hit me!

This is the most common accident to tree cutting. Falling branches and limbs strike Many times people as they are performing their job or watching. One moment of carelessness can lead to a lifetime of regret. One worker was struck by branch when he was cutting a tree in the spine. It took him years to learn how to walk again. Yes, for some time that worker was paralyze only by hard work and determination he is able to walk again. Only with the aid of a cane, he is hoping that eventually he will be able to walk without that.

Catch Me I am Falling

Yes, the second most common accident is falling from the very tree service men and women are working on. Even with all the great and latest safety gear, training, and procedure this is still extremely common. Although many are able to leave with maybe a sparing or broken bone(s). There have been a few cases where people have fallen to their death. Never think that this is an easy and super safe task.

You are so electrifying

Many trees that are need of cutting is because it is planted too close or underneath power lines. This means that anyone doing any work around it is at risk. That is not including the people on the ground working and guiding the other person. All it takes is for someone to accidently touch one of the live wires or have a branch or limb fall onto the wire causing it to fall down. Super scary.

Living Critters

One thing that all tree service worker, really anyone working outside in nature, must stay vigilant is insect bites and stings as well as animals bites. Trees are habitat to a variety of animals and insects. Many of which do not take too kindly to someone disturbing their home. Watch out for animals that may attack you while you are simply doing your job. For they may perceive this as an advance for their territory. Keep and apply bug spray. Pay attention to any bee, wasp, and hornet nests. Only a crazy person would want to disturb them and create a frenzy.


Here are a few things to consider when you feel as though you can do the job of a professional tree cutter. With this type of work, experience does matter and should weigh heavily on your scale when considering choosing a tree service company or to forego it and throw caution into the wind. Attempt the job on your own.

Dream Life

th (19)I dreamt about the most glorious thing last night. It was so wonderful; I was devastated when I woke up. One of those type of dreams. Where it seem to be a little better than your actually life or the life your plan on having without all the work that we all know it will take to get there. My favorite type of dreams are those that seem to take you into another world. Like a great book or something. When everything you see is smooth from another age, another time. However, because it is a dream it appears to be so vividly real.

I remember one time I had this dream where I was on the royal court. The king’s number one advisor. He would consult with me on everything to do with the kingdom. It was so exciting. In my dream it just so happen that we were about to go to war, we were actually under the threat of war from a neighboring kingdom. If I am remembering correctly, it was over land. But then again isn’t most wars over land and natural resources? Well anyway, the king was asking his top advisors what we think he should do if we should try to negotiate a peace treaty or just take up arms.

After some great and in depth discussions it was finally decided to try to negotiate the treaty. War will this devastated the land and the people. We were already experience a drought which has reduce the seasonally crop production. It would seem quits impossible to support a war at the time. Therefore, we hope that we would be able to come to some sort of an agreement before the first draw of blood.

We met with the queen from next door, as it may, she listen to reason and agreed to our terms. Just like that, we were able to avoid a horrendous war and gain an ally!

I always have dreams like this. About me either being in the seat of kingship or sitting on the court as top advisor to the king or queen. If it is not about ruling some far off land in my dream world then it is just the repetition of what I did that day, which are always pretty mundane. However, my dreams of being on the court or running a country are my favorite. I always wake up with a real sense of purpose and drive. They are quite motivating.

Last night I dreamt that I owned an entire flock of dragons. They were peaceful dragons when they were not provoke. Otherwise, they were ferocious. I mean really terrifying but with me it was as they were my own personal pets. They listen to me, obeyed my orders, and move on my command. As we were living in the valley in the mountains just behind this wonderful waterfall, we were discover by a group of horrify men that wanted nothing but to hunt my dragons for sport, then stuff and month the head. We were fighting them and right before the winner was made clear I woke up. I can only hope that I get to dream that dream again. Maybe this time it will become complete.

My dreams in life are very simple but grand to me. Nothing like what I see when I am in my subconscious mind. I just want a great and large family, a comfortable life doing something I love and can be proud of. I want to leave a legacy of grandeur; I would leave a legacy of helping others. That has not to say I do not enjoy my drams because I do they always are very entertaining. Nevertheless, I would never want to live any of the lives of my dreams.

The day I lost my Rhonda

thCI9RYEITI remember as if it was yesterday, driving down Michigan avenue with my top down on my 1987 Mustang GT. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, one of those days where you have no place to and no one expecting, just a good old Sunday afternoon. Sun beaming down atop my Detroit Tigers baseball cap, the smell of roses and magnolias and French fries in the air. Birds chirping, folks out enjoying the day.

I smile just thinking about it. Yes, that was a great day…until a tree fell across the street. Right on the hood of my gorgeous Ford Mustang. I was devastated. It felt like my whole life just flashed before my eyes. Not only was my car damage beyond repair but that scared the mess out of me. To this day, I am extra cautious when driving in the country and suburbs.

What is worse is that my left leg had broken in two places. However, as the doctors later said, I was lucky that is all that had happen. It could have been so much worse. I guess he may be right but that still did not console my heart after losing my baby to an uprooted tree. I am not going to lie, but I did cry a little in that hospital bed. Not for my condition and me but for old Rhonda. Oh, I forget to mention my Mustang is name Rhonda.

As I was laying there, a police officer came to take my statement of the events. After we finished the questioning, I asked him how that happened. He said it was something that he had never seen before in his whole twenty-seven years on the force. In fact, he had a friend of his, who works in the tree service industry, as a certified arborist. That he was on his way to the site right as we were speaking. Before the officer left, he promised to update me as soon as he knew something more concrete.

For two days, I sat in that hospital, going through test and observation bored out of my mind. Well, maybe not that bored, I had friends and family visiting all through the day and night.   I think I just am not use to sitting around and doing nothing. Yes, that is it. I was itching to get out of that place.   I could not wait to get back to my house, relax and enjoy some great home cook meals.

On the third day of my hospital stay, the police officer came back with a copy of his official report. He explain that some utility workers had uprooted the tree. Earlier last week they were digging up a gas line to repair a leak. During the dig they chopped away some of the tree’s roots that are a vital part of its stability. With the high winds we have been having lately, it simply became too weak. They assume a large gust of wind must have blew it down the side of the hill onto the street below.

He also kept insisting that I was lucky I was not a few seconds later. That how the tree fell on my car, on moments later and it would have fallen on top of me. I would have surely died. Wow. So close, you know.   I really am quite relieved I did not die but all I kept thinking about is Rhonda. My poor Rhonda s dead and it sucks.

After an almost a week in the hospital I was discharged. I have talked to my insurance company about what had happen and they said that they would be delivering me a check in a week for a new car. That it definitely was totaled. Sighing and feeling a little depressed I crutched my way to the bedroom, curl up under my down comforter and went to sleep.

Shopping Does a Body Good

thJZW6USHH-300x212Every occasionally I enjoy a little retail therapy. It does not matter what I am shopping for, shoes, clothes, cleaning supplies, car parts, I do not care. As long as I am able to feel the immediately burst of accomplishment when I have bought something, especially something on sale. What I enjoy more than retail therapy is retail therapy with and a great deal.

I do not have many bad habits but if I had a vice that would be it shopping.   Something like a Radio Shack or something. As I am strolling the counters checking out their pre black Friday sales, I noticed this phone. It was so cute, like super cute.

The phone had all the features you would want in a phone, touchscreen, Bluetooth capabilities, great rear and front facing camera. Bonus it is an unlocked phone that means you can take it to any network. Now I know reading this so far it does not seem like a bid right, I mean you could throw a rock and hit a phone like the one I described. Nevertheless, this phone has something a little extra. Something to do a triple take. This phone is shaped like a cute black and white koala bear. You have read right.

Instead of designing the phone to look like the standard rectangle, it looks like a baby bear.

Like I said before cute! Not only does it look like a koala bear it also speaks. Everything is voice activated. Not only does it listens and obeys your every command it will also talk back to you.

Now I know you are asking yourself did I buy it. Well I am sad to say that this was only a prototype for the United States. As of right now, it is only available across, in china in fact. However, I am telling you if it had been available here, I would have been all over it. I mean I really do not need a new phone but there is an exception to every rule and that would have been mind.

Of course, I am no dummy before I left; I gave them my email address to be placed on their waiting list. That way as soon as it becomes available, I will have it, I guaranteed.

I was a little depress that I was not able to purchase the new phone. But like any shopping diva I just went into another store and bought a brand new back and foot massagers, not the same but it will keep me relax for a long time to come. I figured instead of shopping I will try the massagers to relax, it should save me a bundle in credit card bills.

I am anxiously awaiting for that email saying my phone is available for purchase. I promised to not buy anything that is unnecessary until that day.   A sort of reward for have a strong will against the temptation of shopping. I am not even sure if I will make it but I plan to give it try. My only bump is I have no idea when the phone is supposed to be available here in the United States, what if it takes three years or more. I think I will give it a year, if I do not hear anything by the end of the year. Well, maybe six months.

Always check with your city ordinances first

th91PSP3AJThis summer most of us did not experience that many storms and high winds as we may have experience in the past. While it nice enjoying a nice and mild summer our trees have continued to grow without any interference Mother Nature would have normally provided. Meaning that trees have more branches, those branches and limbs that was there are now longer, and I’m sure the trunk has lengthen as well. Depending where the tree is located, this will all be a great thing. I mean who doesn’t love a nice, big, full tree, right.

Maybe for those that live in the city or town. Many cities and towns hold the property owner responsible for any tree that harms, destroys, or interfere with power lines. If that tree that is oh so big now, that you just love it, branches and limbs are causing harm to those powerlines in front or behind your house. Depending on your city ordinance, the city can hold you responsible.

As winter draws nearer, check with your city to see if you are supposed to trim and prunes those trees close to the lines. It maybe that the city or township that you live in will take care of it, but if it will not and you happen to live in the Wichita area then contact Wichita Tree Services for expert tree removal and trimming. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Most cities allows a tree to be around nine feet above any city sidewalk and around fifteen feet high off the street’s curb. These restrictions allow people to enjoy the look and feel of a tree-lined street without it interfering with those operating on the street. You definitely do not want to be held responsible for someone work van or truck becoming damages because the tree in front of your house limb is lower than what is allowed by your municipality.

Now these numbers may very city to city. For the most part you may be able to get away with low hanging limbs because city do not have the budget to send someone or people roaming streets looking for violations. Normally this rule is enforced when a citizen, such as your neighbor or garbage man, submits a complaint.   Then they are forced to send someone out and investigate then issue a ticket if they find that the property owner is indeed in violation.

When the winter comes so does snow and ice. This can pose very harmful and stressful for a tree. The ice build over the winter months will weigh the limbs down, causing it to eventually break. In order to make sure you are safe this winter don’t wait to the last minute to have that tree trimmed. Before we know old man, winter will be here and you will have more problems than how to shovel yourself out of your driveway.

I hope this article has many people checking out their town and cities laws about tree maintenance responsibly. Do not be like me, assuming it was the city or the power company job to take care of those trees near the street and powerlines. I was given a citation and I had to pay to have it trimmed. Do not let that be your situation.

How to entertain without notice

thKYJ7YU55Social butterfly.  That is what my mom has called since I was three months old.  At least theta what’s she tells me.  I have no idea what she called me when I was three months.  However, I distinctly remember her called me those three years old.  That is my earliest memory of that nickname.  Now my family calls me fly.  I do mean family because no one else is allowed to call me that.  I suppose it’s true, it seems like I am always having guest dropping by.  Be it a friend, colleague, family, or a girl scout selling cookies.

I am always ask how I stay prepared for the unrespecting guest.  Everyone always comments that it always seems as if I was expecting his or her visit.  There is always some snacks, dessert, beverages, entertainment, and conversation.  It is not as if I don’t have a life or anything else going on in my life.  I mean I am a married woman with four kids.  Moreover, a small business owner.  I am busy.

I suppose it’s something I gleaned from my southern belle of a mother and her sisters.  They are always prepared and ready as the ever-dutiful host. Clean house, great food, and wonderful company.

I remember one time, I was about ten years old, and our neighbor house had caught fire.  They didn’t have anywhere to go until the next night so my mother invited them to stay with us for the night.  I don’t know how she did it but she managed to whip up an entire meal with dessert.  She even had extra sleeping clothes, brand new I might add, for them to wear to bed.

She did all of this without breaking a sweat and a smile on her face.

No matter what the occasion or the circumstance she was always ready, I mean people popped up at our house so often my little sister for about seven thought we lived in a hotel. No lie. She really believed this. She was watching some kids show and the little girl in the story lived in a hotel, where people were always coming and going.

I have taken a lot of my prep from my mother but I do it with a little twist I guess and I take shortcuts. If you would also like to be the most prepared host or host on the block here are some sure fire tips that will keep you ready for whatever life brings to your doorstep.

Always keep extra meals in freezer

Whenever you cook, make two. Use one to feed yourself and your family and place the other in the freezer. Another thing I like to do is set aside one weekend and make a bunch of casseroles dinner and dinners in freezer bags. The casserole is a great one-dish Homestyle meal. The freezer bag dinners work well with being to dump it in a slow cooker in the morning and by dinnertime, you will be ready to eat.

Keep sweets on hand

I always like to keep cookies and candies stored either in my pantry or in the freezer. Many times when I am making cookies for a bake sale or something I like to double or triple the dough. Cookie dough freezes wonderfully. Making it easy to pop out fresh bake cookies for your guest or guests. This can also be done with pies as well. Although I have never been successful at freezing a cake but I do make my own mixes and store it in an airtight container. If I need to whip a cake very fast, all I have to do now is add my wet ingredients to my mix.

Buy furniture that doubles as storage

Part of being a great host is having a house that looks and smells clean. I love furniture and pieces that contain storage. If an expectant friend drops by, I can quickly throw our things in an ottoman or chest. Just like that, my house is clean!


There are many ways to be prepared for guest but these three are my favorite and most constant.